Paper Review: McDowell (2020). Forest dynamics in the future

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  • 26 July, 2020 (McDowell, science, Forest dynamics in the future)

    McDowell, N.G., Allen, C.D., Anderson-Teixeira, K., Aukema, B.H., Bond-Lamberty, B., Chini, L., et al. (2020). Pervasive shifts in forest dynamics in a changing world. Science, 368, eaaz9463.

    Shifts toward shorter and younger forests.

    What will be the future state of forests and how will it be different from the current one?


    In the early stage of the climate change, trees assimilated more carbon than before the change.

    A Chain of questions

    The lead author, Nate McDowell, has participated in tons of studies with various topics including: 1) 2) 3) ..

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