Paper Review: Vinodkumar (2019). SMC. AFM

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22 June, 2019 (Vinodkumar, AFM, SMC)

Vinodkumar and Dharssi (2019). Evaluation and calibration of a high-resolution soil moisture product for wildfire prediction and management. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 264, 27-39.

This paper can be a good guide for both of my researches at SNU and NIFOS. This paper used the JULES to predict soil moisture deficit (SMD), which is similar to the object of the study at SNU. On the other hand, the purpose of SMD prediction was to imporve a fire danger index, which is the same as my research at NIFOS.

This study is superior to mine with some reasons. One of them is that the correlation coefficient between the simulated soil moisture and measured one was usually larger than mine (0.7 vs 0.63) although both estimation were based on the same land surface model. I need to investigate the reason to increase my r values. Whereas, there are also some deficiencies. The spatial resolution is coarser than mine (5 km vs 810 m) and the localization of the JULES is done with more depth in my research at SNU.

As comparing with my research in NIFOS, I can go further a step because this study produced SMD as a substitute of fuel moisture content (FMC) while I am aiming to model the FMC directly and I will produce spatial distribution of FMC in the end.

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